Wednesday, 31st October 2001 - Day 76

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Welcome back again everybody, it is now the end of October 2001 and I have nearly reached the end of my 11th week out of Mummy and am just starting my 37th week since conception. Such a lot has happened to me over these weeks, but everybody is glad to say that progress is being made. A little slowly sometimes but it seems to be going the right way. Well today has been relatively trouble free, but I have not spent very much time off my CPAP unit. I only lasted 30 minutes at 7am and then another hour or so at around lunch time, when Daddy came in to see me. Soon after he went I was put back on as the nurses felt my heart was too high. Mummy and Daddy were a little disappointed but I am sure they would want me to take things slowly and build up my resilience over as much time as I want. I am managing to communicate to everybody when I am not happy, by making all the alarms go off and then they come and pay some attention to me, rather than all the other babies in the room.

I feel quite left out now, the doctors do not even bother to look at me now on handovers as I stable and progressing. There are also other babies near me which seem to be back where I was 5 weeks ago, so they need more attention. My little tricks with my alarms are the only way of getting attention round here.... I also tried to played a trick on Heather today when she was changing my nappy. I tried to do what I had done to Daddy last week, but she caught me holding it in and pushed a little on my tummy and that was the end of my game, so annoying..... I was all set for some fun.

I had a lovely cuddle with Mummy again this afternoon and then one again later with Daddy, where he got the nurse to take me out as I was very restless and crying. Yes I can cry now, if I have not told you all before, they are not very load at the moment but I am getting there. When Daddy took me out I struggled for a bit and then the warmth of his body calmed me down and I went to sleep. (Or was it the milk, don't tell Daddy I was hungry....). When Mummy cuddled me one of the doctors came around to do my weekly brain scan and explained that the venti... things in my head were reducing in size, which is good supposedly. When I was born and they scanned me there was a small blood clot, which is normal for people like me I am told, this causes the venti things to expand slightly due to excess pressure of fluid. The clot has now completely disappeared and things seem to be getting back to normal. So yet more good progress...

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