29th April - 05th May 2002

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Welcome back again everybody. I must first apologise for the error on last weeks page. Daddy needs to take some reading lessons. My weight last week was 12lbs 14 ozs. Not 13lbs as Daddy put. This has now been corrected and will hopefully not happen again. I am pleased to say that when I was weighed again this week, I had increased to a whole 13lbs so that is good. Otherwise this week has been a quite eventful week, a lot of firsts, both in my diet and in what I have done.

Early on in the week Mummy was told that I can now start eating more regular things. My breakfasts seem to have changed, for the better I might add, I am now enjoying a mix of Ready Brek and Weetabix, still mixed with Mummy's milk, but I am sure that will change at some point. As you can see from the pictures I am now allowed to eat biscuits as well, so managed to squish my way through Rich Tea biscuit and also a Quaver crisp. I am not sure about the Quaver, so I just sucked it and then spat out the crisp having got all the flavour out of it. I have also been allowed my first chocolate... Yummy, a bit messy but these Button things are really tasty. You wait until next Easter I will be eating a whole egg..... Other points on eating is that Mummy and Daddy are still struggling to feed me savoury things. I just do not like them that much, I much prefer Fromage Frais, Yogurt or other sweet things. It has got so bad that Mummy tries to trick me by mixing savoury and Fromage Frais on the same spoon. Yuck....... She thinks I have not noticed, I just have not found a way to separate back out the two things yet, you wait practice makes perfect. If anybody has any ideas then Mummy would be happy to hear from you. Just e-mail her by pressing on this link :- Mummy. The other thing that seems to have happened is that my milk supply from Mummy seems to have dried up. I now get all these bottles and have to suck through this teat thing... I am not sure, I hope Mummy is OK and this is only temporary....

The other firsts I have done this week, are Mummy took me out to the local play group thing where I met a new friend called Alice, who is much bigger then me, but I will hopefully be running around after her very soon. Then at the weekend Mummy and Daddy took me to see my cousin Matthew and we all went to a pub. My first time out in one of these and I cannot wait to be able to play with the bigger kids. At home I have had my first shower as well, Daddy took my oxygen tubes off for 5 minutes and we had a lovely shower where all the water comes down over my head and eyes, what fun. I did not cry at all, but Daddy was very careful not to get soap in my eyes. My last first, and by far the one Mummy and Daddy seemed to like best, was my first real laughing session. Daddy was playing with me and making me laugh, but instead of my normal single laugh, I managed to join tem together into a proper continuous laughing sound.... Great fun.

I had a trace to see how I was getting on with my new oxygen levels and everything seems OK as over the whole 12 hours I spent 7mins 20sec below 93% and 2hrs 17mins below 95%, which everybody seemed to think was very good. Still no more sign of my teeth yet, but I am getting more bouts of red cheeks and dribbling sessions, Mummy even thinks she is beginning to see white bits in my gums so they must be on their way.

sm2002_0430aa.jpg (115528 bytes) sm2002_0430ac.jpg (138197 bytes) sm2002_0501aa.jpg (117664 bytes)
Are you coming to play with me now ? Pick me up , maybe....? Does this go up my nose ?
sm2002_0501ac.jpg (152898 bytes) sm2002_0502ab.jpg (116655 bytes) sm2002_0502ac.jpg (110860 bytes)
No, the mouth seems to work better.... Look at my poor little red cheeks.... How much space do you need Mummy.....
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Breakfast in bed is such hard work ....!!!! My mat just gets smaller and smaller.... Do we look alike ?
sm2002_0504am.jpg (98599 bytes) sm2002_0504an.jpg (122497 bytes) sm2002_0504ao.jpg (120599 bytes)
My proud Mummy and I. Careful Mummy 
my head is not flip top you know...!!!
Me enjoy a cuddle..Never.... Any more pictures Mummy...?
sm2002_0505ab.jpg (134654 bytes) sm2002_0505ad.jpg (127509 bytes) sm2002_0505ae.jpg (129247 bytes)
Guess what, my first visit to a Pub... My first giggling session.. Daddy, remember I am supposed to be in the picture.. Nobody wants to look at the carpet.
sm2002_0505ah.jpg (121101 bytes) sm2002_0505ai.jpg (123235 bytes) sm2002_0505ak.jpg (133116 bytes)
My what a big mouth you have Daddy..... Don't come any closer...!!! Hiding under my toys....

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