22nd April - 28th April 2002

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Hello again everybody. It has been a fairly relaxing week, this week in Abi land. Mummy and I have been having fun at home most of the time. We have been shopping a couple of times but I mainly stayed at home and helped Mummy with the house work, she cleaned and I held all my toys in my chair. We have spent quite a bit of the week working out a new feeding rota for me, trying different things and times each day. Daddy suggested one where I get fed when I am hungry, which seems to be working the best at the moment. Whenever I wake in the morning, usually around 6am then I get fed my breakfast and then Mummy and I go back to sleep for a few hours, This seems to please Mummy no end and she is a lot less crotchety. This means that by around midday to 1pm I am hungry again and have some lunch. Before I was not hungry yet as my breakfast had arrived later, and I was still full. Then I get fed again between 5pm and 6pm and go to bed around 7:30pm. Just to make sure I sleep through, I get some more food around midnight and then it all starts again with breakfast.... Lets see if this works and carries on for a while. 

I have had a few things happen this week to report. I had another oxygen trace done on Thursday night and I was so good, especially after the last one. (My results were 2 min 10sec below 95% and 50 sec below 93%, even better than last week) The doctors have now decided that my oxygen can now come down to only 100cc / min, my lowest ever. Mummy and Daddy seemed very pleased with me. I also had a blood test, which seemed to work much better than last time and all the results were good. And finally I have been weighed again, and now weigh a massive 12lbs and 14 ozs, this is about a 50% increase since I came home in February. I am now so big that I am not even near the bottom 2% of babies of my age any more. Lets hope we can keep up the good work.... I have also moved out of Mummy and Daddy's bedroom and into my own room finally, I was getting too big for my crib and hopefully I will be able to sleep better in my new cot. My room is very nice and covered in Winnie the Pooh pictures and has lots more toys for me to play with so that should be fun... I have spent 2 nights there so far and it all seems to be going OK despite Mummy being a bit upset as it is the first time we would not have been together since the middle of January.

The rest of the week has been relatively ordinary for me, Mummy's work colleagues came around to see me, despite having seen them only last Friday. I had a few conversations on the phone with Daddy when he phones home to see how I am getting on and to tell me to be a good girl for Mummy. I enjoy these a lot as I can recognise his voice, even over the phone and then send a few noises back to him to remind him of me. I am also getting more mobile and am beginning to try and turn over and also to crawl along. I have not yet mastered either but am making slow progress.

Hope to see you all again soon, all the best Abigail....

sm2002_0422aa.jpg (134259 bytes) sm2002_0422ac.jpg (120199 bytes) sm2002_0423aa.jpg (167462 bytes)
Mummy is obviously trying to tidy up as all 
my toys are in here with me...
Bored.... Strapped in for Lift Off
sm2002_0424aa.jpg (134348 bytes) sm2002_0424ab.jpg (168077 bytes) sm2002_0424ac.jpg (105230 bytes)
Look my feet nearly touch the floor..!!!! Happy Abi.... I wonder if Mummy can see me escaping ?
sm2002_0425aa.jpg (111872 bytes) sm2002_0425ab.jpg (108839 bytes) sm2002_0425ac.jpg (107774 bytes)
Me and My Best Friend.... Hold my hand Emma Smile for the Camera Mummy catching my dribbles...
sm2002_0426aa.jpg (130803 bytes) sm2002_0426ab.jpg (135794 bytes) sm2002_0426ae.jpg (81574 bytes)
Ah.... Just a pinch more salt Mummy.. When are you going to pick me up ? Somebody stole my trousers
sm2002_0426af.jpg (82493 bytes) sm2002_0426ag.jpg (82608 bytes) sm2002_0426ah.jpg (84711 bytes)
Do you like my t-shirt ? How many faces can I pull ? Here's another one....
sm2002_0426aj.jpg (86624 bytes) sm2002_0427ab.jpg (106192 bytes) sm2002_0427af.jpg (98283 bytes)
Mummy is teasing me again, 
fancy putting my toys over there !!!
My scared look Behind you Mummy....
sm2002_0427ad.jpg (113208 bytes) sm2002_0427ag.jpg (73047 bytes) sm2002_0427aj.jpg (105007 bytes)
At last somebody found my trousers.... Anybody would think I wore this t-shirt a lot !!!! Can you see my heat rash.....? 
The flash of the camera is too bright...

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