18th - 24th February 2002

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Hello again all you Abi Fans out there. I have had another good week at home with Mummy, Daddy seemed to disappear for most of it, Mummy said he had to go to work. What about me Dad when do you get to work with me...!!!! I need attention too you know. Luckily he has just come back for a couple of days so I can play with him.

I have had another Oxygen trace this week, on Thursday night, and it was very good again. So much so that the consultant at the hospital says I can have my oxygen turned down next week to 200cc / min a drop of a whole 33%. Mummy is a little worried that she might not notice that I am not doing as well as before, but the nurses have tried to tell her what to look for so I am sure I will be OK. I was also weighed again and am now a whole 10lbs and oz. Not forgetting the , they all add up you know.

Mummy and Daddy seem to be getting used to me being at home, so much so that I was taken for a ride in the car twice in 2 days this weekend. The first to see a work friend of Mummy and their young boys, who all look enormous to me. The second was a very long visit to Auntie Cath and Uncle Chris. I got to see 4 of my cousins and Uncle Mike and Becky. However I got lots of cuddles which was great fun. I do like traveling in the car it just sends me right off to sleep. Other wise it has been a very uneventful week really.

Mummy and Daddy both seem to coming down with a cold so I hope I do not get it as that would be no good at all.... Lets keep my fingers crossed and see what happens, especially as my oxygen is supposed to be turned down as well. More updates next week.

Me Concentrating again... Mummy Calls this a Matinee Coat.. I Call It Big
See What I Mean This is Me in My Winnie the Pooh Outfit, Kindly Sent From America Happy Abi....
Thanks Again for My Outfit It Matches My Room you Know Me and My Dad
Me Asleep after a Strenuous Day Me on My Travels... My Head Looks a Little Big...

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