12th - 17th February 2002

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Welcome back everybody. It has been a fairly eventful week for me again this week. I have continued my quest to try all the flavours they could possibly have in world. Or my world anyway. I have now extended my eating to Apple, very tasty with or without milk, Farleys rusks, mixed with milk also very nice. Mummy tried me with some Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cheese thing, which I am still not sure about. Unfortunately it does not seem to be a one off and keeps reappearing.... I have also had some Vegetable Casserole from a pot, not as nice as Mummy's puree's, but OK. The other major thing on the food front is that I am eating a lot more solids this week than last. When I came home I was on a single teaspoon of Baby rice and a few mouthfuls of solids. Now I am on 2 tablespoons of rice and a great deal more solids. It takes ages to eat it all and obviously I can have some fun with Mummy wiping my face with my bib. This seems to annoy her and is therefore great fun. I am finding now that I need a lot more food than I used to and nearly always seem a little bit hungry, but that I suppose is because I am growing....

Mummy introduced me to a swinging seat, which was kindly lent to me by Uncle John and Auntie Liz. This is great fun as I can sit there, listen to music and get swung backwards and forwards for ages. Sometimes quickly, other times slowly. It is really good at sending me to sleep and keeping me amused, especially whilst I watch Mummy and Daddy eat their food. This is a bit like watching paint dry really, and I must say I find it very boring. They could have pointed me at the telly thing in the corner which always seems to have something that might interest me on.

Mummy and Daddy took me out in the car again this week, twice. The first time was really boring as Daddy and I sat in the car park whilst Mummy went shopping. This is no fun, how can I find clothes I like if I am stuck in the car ? The second time was to go and visit my Uncle John and Auntie Liz, who have not seen me for so long they must have forgotten what I looked like. They were in for a shock, at my size and inquisitiveness (I know big word, Daddy told me about it). I also got to see Matthew for the very first time. He is my closest cousin, in terms of distance and age (he is 18 months old I think), so I am sure we will be friends. He may have to get a bit quieter though, nobody could hear me talking. I am only small after all. Otherwise I have spent a lovely week at home with Mummy and Daddy, it is such a shame that Daddy has to go back to work next week, as he makes a really good pillow and I was able to fall asleep on him on Saturday, whilst a Rugby match was playing on the telly. He said thank you, for some reason.. Maybe Mummy would have had him doing something if I was not asleep.

The nurse came and visited again, my trace was very good last Monday night, in about 10 hours I spent 2 minutes 50 seconds below 93% and 17 minutes 40 seconds below 95% saturation. Which supposedly is very good, they are going to do one more trace next week before deciding what to turn my oxygen flow down to. It is still at 300 cc / min at the moment, but hopefully will come down to 200 cc / min if I am lucky. I was also weighed again this week, on the 14th February, and I know weigh 9 lbs 11 ozs, which is still good progress as I will hopefully average around 7 ozs per week.

See you all soon.....

Daddy says I look like Maggie from the Simpsons !!! Do you think I look fat in Checks ? Hmmmmmm !!!!
Go away I am concentrating.... Do like Great Grandma's Jumper. It fits perfectly... I am having fun...
I really do not feel safe up here. 
You better hold me Daddy..
How far can I stick my tongue out ? Can you read my top ?
Guess when I was conceived ? What are you doing mummy ? Comfy in my cot
Somebody put this hat on again....!!! What do you think about this dress and my 
lovely pink shoes ?
It is a bit short Mummy, you can nearly see my pants..
I hate being photograhed.. The attack of the Mutant Vegetables...

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