11th March - 17th March 2002

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Welcome back everyone, it is yet another installment in the busy little life of Abigail Hope.....

As I told you all last week (use the back button if you have forgotten) I had a trace on my oxygen levels to see how well I was coping with the reduced level of 200 cc / minute. The result was so good that the professor told the nurse that visits that I could be turned down again. Hooray... So I am now down to 150cc / minute, thats a 50% drop since I came home so everybody seems quite pleased. For the people out there who like figures, in a trace lasting around 12 hours, I spent 6 mins 20 sec below 95 % saturation and 1 min 10 sec below 93 %. On Monday I Mummy and I went to visit Grandma and Grandpa again, they must feel so lucky to get all these visits and it means that I get to be fed by somebody else for a little change and a rest for Mummy.

On Wednesday, Daddy worked from home and we all went to see my Consultant for a 6 week check up back in the hospital. The first time I have been back since leaving. Prof got them to weigh me and much to Mummy's surprise and delight I weighed in a staggering 10lbs 13ozs, nearly at 11 whole pounds. He also got me to take my clothes off to look at my breathing, which was supposedly good. He played with my legs to see if they were supple and told Mummy and Daddy to keep an eye on them and make sure no stiffness was present, something to do with premature babies brains being most likely to get damage in the area that controls leg movement. He also sat me up and checked how much support I was needing and that I was leaning in the normal direction and luckily for me everything was OK. He also said that I could stop taking my growmore powder and that I was probably getting enough through all the different foods I am eating. Everything else however was to stay the same. So my overall check up was good and I have to come back again in 3 months. I then got to visit all my friends in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and they all exclaimed how big I was getting and that I was doing well.

I had more visitors on Friday, and felt a bit like a Christmas present being passed around for cuddles, luckily my cousin Chris is nice and comfortable and I went to sleep on him for ages. He can come again... My cousin Briony is also great fun, but is so thin that there is no nice padded areas for me to snuggle into. I am sure we will have fun when she comes up to help Mummy look after me. Auntie Maria and Uncle Colin also took turns cuddling me which was also fun as I do like being cuddled and Mummy just not have the time to cuddle me all day.

This weekend Mummy, Daddy and I ventured out for the very first time to some shops and took me inside instead of leaving me in the car whilst one of them went inside. This was great fun and I got Mummy to buy me some more clothes to add to already massive wardrobe, but I say a girl can never have too many clothes....especially if she wants to look at her best al the time for the cameras. Unfortunately I fell asleep and missed the second half of the shops so I will have to get them to take me back another time.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below and please come back again soon to catch up with what has been happening to me... Oh and I am most disappointed that nobody has signed my guest book, which can be accessed through the welcome page to my website.... Is anybody reading this ????

Hello Mummy... Hold me I'm falling !!!!! I really am not sure about yellow Mummy,
I do not think it suits me....
Is it food time yet ? I knew I should not have hit myself with that toy !!! Watch me dance....
At last a comfy pillow... Does anybody think  I look like my cousin ? Or how about Auntie Maria ????

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