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Hello. My name is Abigail Hope Newton Smith and this is my web site. It has been developed to allow all my family and friends to track my progress as I get bigger and follow all my antics. The site contains this home page and then 2 additional navigation pages which allow access to the pictures of me as I get older, and my own commentary on what has happened since my last update.

My parents, Carrie and Tim tell me they are very proud to announce the birth of their baby daughter Abigail Hope. I was born after a very short 26 week pregnancy and was in the Neonatel Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. I have now, as of 4th February 2002, been allowed home to be with Mummy and Daddy after a 6 month long stint in hospital which is quite enough for anybody. 

My name Abigail means "Father Rejoices", so hopefully this will be appropriate and my parents came up with the name Hope as being especially apt for my situation. They were given a small "Beanie Baby" toy after my birth and it is called "Hope", the verse on it is

"Every night when it's time for bed
Fold your hands and bow your head
An angelic face, a heart that's true
You have a friend to pray with you !"

This gave them the inspiration for my second name.

Now for some of the main details about me :-

Date of Birth   

16th August 2001 5:11pm BST


A massive 1lb and 3oz ( or 536 grams for those modern people out there )

Date of Going Home   

4th February 2002 1:10pm GMT or 172 days later....


A massive 9lbs and 3oz ( or 4175 grams, nearly a whole 8 times my birth weight )

This is my new Home page which hopefully will allow everybody to access the new updates for me at home easier and quicker whilst still being able to go back and see all my previous exploits whilst I was in hospital. I would be grateful of any comments anybody has or advice as I am still quite a novice at this.

For those of you who have visited before then you will hopefully see a similar thread being followed and can still find what you are looking for as easily as before. You can still go back and see all those pictures of me in hospital if you want but hopefully the new design will allow you to find newer updates quicker and this will make sure that anybody new visiting for the first time gets the latest gossip as soon as possible.

To this end I have decided to split up the site into 2 areas, one covering my time in hospital and a new area covering my new life at home. Unfortunately for those of you out there who like their daily Abi updates I have decided to cut back a bit, as things do not seem to happen as quickly or as often out here in the real world and I would have very little of any interest for you. We will of course continue with pictures and my commentary of what has gone on but the updates will be less frequently. 

I hope you will continue to look in on me from time to time and get an update on what is happening in Abi land, you can of course still e-mail me and I will try and respond to them all. If anybody has e-mailed me and I have not responded, I do apologise but my secretary is sometimes a little lazy and we have also suffered a hardware fault which lost a few e-mails back in September / October time, so please try again....


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