Thursday, 31st January 2002 - Day 168

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Nearly there now. Daddy is now on the home straight of updating the missing pages on Website. Only 4 more including this one to go.

  !!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 4 days ..... !!!!

Poor me I got a real shock this morning, not waking up with Mummy, and milk out of bottle for the first time in over 5 days and only the nurses to amuse me. Look at what they dressed me in, what happened to my tights. It is still winter after all, a girl will get really cold legs left like this for long....

Mummy took receipt of the oxygen cylinders today, I hope they tell her how to use them as otherwise I will not be doing very well at all. I have 1 large cylinder downstairs, 1 upstairs,  2 large spares and 4 "Portable" small ones. Should be enough for a few days at least. My trace from last night was really, really good. So good in fact that they may turn it down again soon. They have decided to what until I am at home as stable is best at the moment, but they could hardly measure the amount of time I spent below 95% and only a few seconds below 98% in a whole 12 hours. Mummy seemed very pleased with me, so all the efforts last night were not wasted. The nurses think that it is because Mummy has been looking after me and we have bonded so well that I am happier and more content. This is probably true but I am not sure why it would effect my oxygen, but I suppose they know best.

I have had more baby rice again today, and am beginning to rather like it now, I wonder if they do other flavours, it is still a little bland. But at least I am now used to the the spoon going in and out and what I need to do to swallow the stuff.

At last Daddy is back, wearing a strange mask but at least he is here to look after me. Hopefully his cold will go away and I can see his face properly again for the first time since Monday.

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