Friday, 1st February 2002 - Day 169

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At last Daddy has got to update today as well. Sorry for the delay everyone and or those that are working through from the last update date they read sorry for repeating this on every page. Not many more missing now....

  !!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 3 days ..... !!!!

Well I have been weighed again and at last i have managed to put a little weight back on again. I am now back up to nearly my maximum weight to date at 4148gms or 9lbs 2oz. I must be getting enough calories inside me now and am doing proper demand feeding as well so I must be a clever little thing...This afternoon Mummy and Daddy were trained on how to use the oxygen at home and also how to resuscitate me in an emergency. Hopefully it will not come to that but better safe than sorry I suppose, and I will try my best to make sure that I keep breathing at all times and not give them any shocks.

Otherwise the rest of the day has been very uneventful really, briefly waking to be fed. Mummy still stayed by my bedside all day until 7pm until she went out with Daddy for a "Last Supper" pre me coming home and enjoyed their last night of freedom. The rest of the weekend they are going to spend in here with me making sure we have bonded enough to take me home on Monday. My last weekend here... Hooray...!!!!!

Sorry everybody no pictures for today, Mummy forgot to take any and was too tired to come back later in the evening to get some then.... I will leave you with an old picture of me the day after I was born and one from yesterday to compare to !!!!



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