Friday, 31st August 2001 - Day 15

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Welcome back again to my website, it is now getting quite big with 15 whole days worth of pages and loads of pictures. I have been sitting here still in my incubator on my washing machine spin cycle thinking of when I might get to come out and have a cuddle. I do miss the warmth that I felt inside my Mummy and playing with Daddy when he was watching me. Hopefully I might get a cuddle soon, so I must concentrate on this breathing lark and get my lungs working better as the doctors have said that Mummy could hold me when I come off of the ventilator. I can't wait.

I will have my milk increased again soon and was fed today for the first time by Mummy, she managed to time her visits perfectly twice today and I think it tastes much nicer when she does it rather than the nurse.

I have had another scan of my head today along with my heart and the doctor says that both look fine, however the heart is very difficult to look at whilst I am on the ventilator. What does he expect, a nice easy time, when my chest is going up and down 13 times a second. The doctor told Mummy and Daddy that the next few days will be important as they want my breathing and lungs to improve or they will have to do something else. I also hope that things will improve so I can get my cuddle and so I can stop feeling like I am sitting on a washing machine.

Looking at my pictures I think the nurses thought I was cold as I have a blanket up to my chin. Its about 35 degrees in here and I have a blanket, I ask you, it is no wonder I lose a lot of fluid, I must sweat buckets.

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