Saturday, 1st September 2001 - Day 16

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Here is my latest installment, in the "Life of Abigail", in hopefully what will be a long and lovely story. Hopefully you will now be able to e-mail me directly and I promise to respond to all my correspondence.

Today has been rather up and down for me, very similar to yesterday in that I am still on the ventilator and feel like a washing machine. However overnight the oxygen levels in my blood statrted going up and down, so the doctors this morning decided to remove my ventilator tube and replace it with another, bigger one, a whole 0.5mm wider in diameter at 3mm. Believe me when I say that it is quite big enough to be pushed down my little throat. It is not very comfortable when they do change the tube as I always think I am choking however the morphine helps and the nurse said I was getting too used to it.

This change seemed to work for a bit, but the doctors have been fighting with my gas levels all day, tweaking the pressure in the right direction and then coming back in the wrong one. I am sure if they left me to it a little longer I might be able to get used to it but I suppose they know what they are doing. I also started to breath against the ventilator so they have given me more drugs to stop me moving, Mummy and Daddy must have seen a very still little Abi when they came to see me this evening. I can't say I noticed them as I cannot seem to move which is a very odd sensation indeed. As another complication today, my blood pressure dropped so I have now been given the drugs to bring that back up again, I hope this will stop soon as I cannot keep up with all these changes, my brain is not developed enough to take it all in yet.

On the positve side I am still taking that nice milk Mummy brings me and weeing for England. Speaking of which, I heard that England beat Germany, 5-1, at a game called football today, nice of them to mark my 16th birthday with a good celebration. I do not know what football is but it seems important to some of the male doctors anyway. I also got a new sheet today with Winnie the Pooh on, very nice and comfortable.

Hopefully things will get better tomorrow and I will have more to tell you so I will leave you with a few pictures, including Mummy's favorite type, close ups of my head or body.

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