Friday, 30th November 2001 - Day 106

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Welcome back everyone. I got another visitor today, Auntie Cath. I have not seen her for quite a while and she loved the fact that she could now hold me for the first time. I have 4 boy cousins who are her children so a girl must be a little special for her, despite the fact that she obviously likes boys a lot with that many sons. The news of my moving out so that other relations can cuddle me must be spreading as this is the second lot in 2 days and they have been waiting  for so long. I would have thought they had forgotten about me by now, but it looks like that was wrong.

Auntie Cath cuddled me for most of the afternoon except when Mummy was trying to suffocate me again. I am still traumatised from the choking fit I had a few days ago and have not got back into the sucking lark, so did not feed at all today. We shall see tomorrow if I can muster up enough courage to do it properly again. Mummy will be pleased as she seems to get very disheartened when I do not have a go at sucking. I do not like the choking so she will have to wait a bit longer. Auntie Cath seemed to love her very long cuddle and our talks with Mummy so I hope she comes back soon as I was very comfortable and slept for a long time in her arms.

The doctors have changed my salts so that I am only on Sodium Chloride and not Sodium Phosphate, I used to have these with nearly every feed but now the Sodium Chloride will only be every other feed. They add this to the milk and it makes it taste horrible, like drinking strong salt water with a cream topping...... Yuck. I was also examined by the doctor today and they have decided to change my feeds to 3 hourly from 2 hourly and I would be weaned up to the full volume again. I got really hungry towards the evening as the time had changed but the amount had still yet to rise, luckily during the night the amount went up and I was not so hungry by the time morning arrived. I am getting there, making small steps to getting out of here. I really need to be up to 4 hourly feeds, before I leave as all the other babies in here seem to be on that, and some are on demand. If that was me I would be eating all the time.

I will leave you today with the pictures of Auntie Cath and I cuddling up....See you tomorrow.

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