Thursday, 29th November 2001 - Day 105

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I am out and seem to be doing well enough to stay out now over on this side of the unit. I will have to take things slowly as I am beginning to get used to the nice quiet life I have over here. Daddy is back he came in this evening after Uncle John and Auntie Liz came to see me. This was great as I was able to have my first cuddle with a relation other than Mummy and Daddy. As you can see by the pictures I was not afraid and slept through the whole experience. I hope they come back again as I do like cuddles and could lie here all day really. I am so pleased that my first cuddle was with Auntie Liz as she and Uncle John have been so kind to Mummy and Daddy I felt they deserved it really and lucky for them they came in on the right day as otherwise it could have been any of my other many relations.

I am also really looking forward to all my Grand Parents next visits as then I can have a proper cuddle with them too. Otherwise today has been fairly uneventful really, I did not feed properly with Mummy again, which she does not like very much really. She keeps trying to suffocate me and all I do is have a look round.

I have learnt a new party trick which seems to annoy Daddy a lot, so obviously I can have some fun with him by doing it. I have learnt that I can now look at 2 things at once, something on my left with my right eye and something else on my right with my left eye. Mummy says I look like Quazimodo, who ever he might be... Daddy says I should not look cross eyed and he is going to ask the doctors about it. Don't tell him, but Mummy asked the nurses and they say it is quite common so I am not worried, but it is fun to wind him up by doing it.

My scribe is now back in full flow so I hope you are still enjoying the "Around the Unit in 105 Days, by Abigail Verne". My stage name.....before you ask.

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