Thursday, 24th January 2002 - Day 161

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Welcome back again everybody, Abi here again at last. I am sorry for the last few days but the whole of my family, Mummy, Daddy and I have been here at the hospital getting to know each other better, so getting near a computer to do this is a little difficult, please bear with me as I need to get the text added to these pages when I get a moment free from feeding and being cuddled.

!!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 11 days ..... !!!!

Today has been another day spent with Mummy in and out of her room, I do not know what she did with these pictures apart from get me to pull funny faces, but I do not think they show me at my pretty best.... I look like I am doing a number 2. I had another good night last night, Mummy was especially pleased as I did not wake up until 5am and then again at 9am for feeding. I have not had a bottle now since early Monday morning and hope that I am still putting on weight since I have done all the feeding straight from Mummy. Its is weigh day today and I have was weighed later on in the day and have come in at 4050 gms or 8lbs 15oz. Poor me I have lost a whole 100 gms. Not very good.... They better still let me go home....

Mummy took me to the recreation room and gave me a bath, what fun splashing my little legs in the water. Then I got put in a car seat and transported back to Mummy's room, I have never been in a car seat before and it is quite comfortable and a new position to be in sitting down and a nice view watching what is going on around me. It is much better than my cot as all I get to look at is the cieling and once you have seen one bit the rest is pretty similar.

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