Friday, 25th January 2002 - Day 162

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Updated at last with the details that happened today..... Still on target for going home. I cannot wait.....

!!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 10 days ..... !!!!

I spent a good night with Mummy waking at 3:30 am and 6:30 am for feeds. Professor Whitelaw told Mummy that she should start weaning onto to solids, well baby rice to start with anyway, to make sure that I get enough calories in my diet. I thought my milk would have gone far enough but it seems not. My trace for last night was read and appears to be very good, so it looks like I can get rid of my headbox completely now. It was so good they are also going to turn down my oxygen to only 300 cc / min. I suppose that is something as it is 25% less than I am on now. They have also reduced my salt medicine, which is good as it is really horrible, and I have to drink it with milk or I am sick. Prof. told Mummy how well he thought I had done considering the odds I faced when I was born, and that I was going to a good home who would look after me, and provide the sort of love and attention that I will obviously need. Mummy agreed and thanked him for all his hard work looking after me. I think I will need lots of loving so I hope all my extended family out there are ready for "THE ABIGAIL"......

Mummy left me with one of the nurses today and was shown Badger ward, this is where I would go back to once I am discharged if anything goes wrong. Poor me I thought I would be able to come back to everybody I know and be in nice familiar surroundings. Unfortunately I am now too big to get back onto the unit as I am classed as a Pediatric, I think Neo-Nate sounds nicer.... I am still only little after all. This evening all I wanted to do was eat, I was fed at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm 7pm and 9pm. All I ever did was to have a little and then fall asleep or play with Mummy a bit. Just enough to take off the hunger pains, and it means I get more cuddles which is always good.

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