Tuesday, 23rd October 2001 - Day 68

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Welcome back again, I think my pictures for today now show what a big girl I am getting as Mummy says I now look like a proper baby and all the nurses say I have a really strong character and know what I like and do not like. Daddy seems to think this may be difficult to deal with later, but you wait I will be so good and kind and loving that he will have nothing to worry about at all.

The nurses decided today that it was no longer necessary to have a tube down through my mouth to my tummy and pushed it down my nose instead. I ask you what other animal eats through their nose.... It feels very strange as well, my nose is only small and it means that it can now get blocked more easily than before. They tell me that I should breath better overall though so I suppose we can try for a few days and see what it is like. Mummy did not notice this all day until Daddy pointed it out when he visited later in the evening.

The doctor told Mummy that my heart was beating a little fast so they would have to keep an eye on that over the next few days and weeks to make sure that there is nothing else wrong, like an infection or something else. I think it is all these very vivid dreams I have in here which predominantly revolve around beeps and buzzes and me running. I knew these legs would come in useful, however they don't half make you tired and excited in the dream anyway. Otherwise today has been spent sleeping some more so I will leave you with the pictures.

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