Monday, 22nd October 2001 - Day 67

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Well today's expose into the life of "Abigail Newton Smith Girl of Mystery" will be very short as I have spent the whole day sleeping accept for 2 short periods. The first was when the eye doctor came round and squirted nasty eye drops into my eyes and made them water, very unkind I thought, especially as I was asleep at the time. Then went away again without telling me anything or the nurses or the doctors. They could be doing anything at all to me and nobody would know.... The doctors told Mummy later that no news is good news as they only get told stuff when something is wrong, so I better I hope that I never hear anything. I was also weighed again this morning and now am only 3lbs, I am getting smaller not bigger despite my efforts and the special energy conserving sleep stints that I do. I am now nearly an expert at sleeping and can sleep through nearly anything, including feeding, being picked up, turned over all sorts. Mummy thinks I might do this at home, you wait I am just conserving my energy for when they let me home..... I am also back on my itching juice, which they put in my mouth and on my bottom. Mummy says it is something to do with Thrush again so I better make sure that goes away soon and make sure the nurses change my nappy lots.

I was also awake for ages this afternoon when Mummy had me out for a nice long cuddle and a chat. She told me all about my room and what it is going to be like when she takes me home. We also talked about other things like my wardrobe of pink clothes and going shopping with her for more things and generally doing very girlie type stuff. I asked where Daddy fitted into doing all this stuff and she told me that he works most of the time and that it would be just the 2 of us. This seems a bit unfair to me but I suppose it is normal. So anybody out there with any shopping tips for me I would be grateful, as all I have learned so far is that yellow does not suit me and pink is better.

I suppose it has not been too short so I will leave you all now to enjoy the pictures.

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