Thursday, 23rd August 2001 - Day 7

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Hello again, I am a whole week old today thats 7 days, seems like a lifetime to me. Oh, my mistake it is at the moment. Mummy and Daddy came to visit me again today and talked to the nice South African sounding doctor, Karen. She told them that she was going to look at my heart again on the scanning machine and see if the duct was still present, as they think that is what is causing me difficulty in breathing. I do hope that it is the problem and they can fix it, as the amount of Oxygen I am having to breathe is too high for my liking, but still it seems OK to me as all my other levels seem good. The scanning machine is great, when nobody was looking I sneaked a look at my heart just to check that it was working OK, it looks good to me, in/out all that stuff and looks very big on screen although it must be very small to fit inside me.

The doctor then told Mummy and Daddy that they would need to put me on a course of drugs to close the open duct. Oh well, just more drugs to add to the rest of the cocktail. They said there may be side effects, such as reduced weeing or gastric sores, which sound very painful so I do not want any of those.

Bristol City football team came and had a look at me when they looked around the ward. I was the centre of attention for at least 10 minutes, no pictures though of me with a nice hunky football player, we will just have to wait until I am older. The football club has chosen the ward as there charity of the year so hopefully they will get lots of money to help small people like me who need it most.

They have started me on my course of drugs and gave me some more platelets as I seem to have misplaced some of mine. I think they do stuff like deal with infections and foreign bodies so I probably need as many as I can get. They are also staying in me so where ever the rest of mine went, the news ones don't seem to be going the same way, which everybody seems to say is very good and I am a clever little girl for not losing these ones.

Mummy has been discharged from Hospital today and goes back to living with Daddy, I do hope she is missing me. I now feel lonely here in the hospital, but luckily they came back later to see me so I know they are thinking about me. (Mummy's and Daddy's Note : It is a massive issue to leave the hospital without Abigail and we have both been quite upset that we cannot walk out with our Little Girl like all the other parents)

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