Wednesday, 22nd August 2001 - Day 6

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Today, my 6th day in the outside world seems to have been very tedious and nothing has really happened. There was a little excitement when my umbilical blood line did not seem to want to give blood and the doctor resorted to pricking my foot with a needle and then squeezing my foot, in the most uncomfortable way to do a blood test. It was very lucky he did not want much as it seemed to go all over me and my blanket rather than in the tube. Now my foot has a little bandage, and it hurts a bit as my toes nearly touched my shin. Are they supposed to go there ?

Mummy could not watch but Daddy kept an eye on me and held my hand to ensure that he did not hurt me too much. I don't think I want this again so I concentrated very hard and made sure that I pressured my line as much as possible to get it back working again. When another doctor tried later, hey presto a working line and no more stabs in the heel.

There is no point boring everybody, so no more for today as nothing else of note has really happened. Please have a look tomorrow for the latest installment.

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