Monday, 19th November 2001 - Day 95

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Hello again all you Abi fans, I am afraid there is very little to tell you today really, I have been on and off my CPAP a couple of times and my horrible canu.. thingy in my foot was removed this afternoon. Otherwise I have been my normal self today, making the nurses run around after me, pulling the CPAP unit out and then howling when it flicks into my eyes and generally causing my normal level of mischievous antics.

I am still quite tired from my stint off CPAP and need a bit more oxygen than I was using before my little relapse but otherwise everything else seems OK at the moment. I am not sure how long it will be before I get trips out of the my room again but at least I managed to have a cuddle with both Mummy and Daddy this evening and snuggled in to their necks when they held me over their shoulders. I do like this way as I get to feel their bodies more and I have a nice comfortable pillow to lay my head on. Geraldine, one of the nurses is very comfortable and normally cuddles me in the middle of the night when Mummy and Daddy are not around. I do not know why they leave me and cannot be with me at all times, sometimes they are not here at the most inconvenient times, right when I need them to help me.... I just have to make do with the nurses, do they not realise that when I come home I will be demanding 24 hours a day, at the moment they give me back to the nurses.. Lets hope they make progress too.

I was wide awake at lunch time when suddenly there were lots of people around my cot taking pictures from some really absurd angles, I just lay there bemused and letting all these flashes go off round me. I thought it was some new eyesight test but Mummy told me later they were making a film for a Bristol City bid for something and I am to be immortalised on film for it as part of the entry based upon the hospital. What a wonderful thing, I will try and find more out about it and tell you later. They could not have chosen a better person... I think I want to be an actress when I grow up as all the nurses say I always get my way and am really pretty.!!!!... Hope you all agree ?.

I am afraid that will be all again for a few days as my Scribe is going away, what a time waster he is. What else could he possibly have to do....!!!! More in 3 days time, if my substitute scribe turns up to record what has gone on...

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