Tuesday, 20th November 2001 - Day 96

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Hello again, today has been fairly uneventful really. Daddy came to see me at some really early hour of the morning again as he is going away on a course for 3 days and cannot bear not to see me if he can avoid it. So he comes along early in the morning before he goes away and then comes to see me again the day he gets back. This means that as he is away for 3 days he only does not see me on one of the days..... He does try his best to look after me. You wait till I come home and then you can do a proper job.....

I came off my CPAP for a cuddle with Mummy but spent most of the time winging about things, I was only trying to tell her I did not like my CPAP, but she kept thinking that I was making a mess in my nappy as I had a little bit of wind from that milk she dispenses for me. I do not know what she has been eating but it sometimes plays havoc with my bottom. In the end she put me back in my room and changed my nappy. She was very disappointed that it was only wet, but I got a nice clean Babygrow out of it so it was worth it in the end.

I have been weighed again and am now up to 2420 grams or 5lbs 5oz. You lot should really start to get to know these gram things as they are much smaller and it is really easy, a bag of sugar is 1000 of them and I pay attention when I go up in multiples of 100 grams or 1/10th of a bag. Otherwise the rest of the day was pretty much the same as any other day. Hope to catch up again with you all tomorrow.....

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