Tuesday, 18th September 2001 - Day 33

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Another day today, Mummy and Daddy came to visit me again a couple of times today. When Mummy was not looking, Daddy managed to sneak in and do a change of my nappy, a really messy one too, it went quite well. Not quite as good as Mummy but OK. I am now becoming an expert at what a good nappy change should be like and I do try and tell the nurses when I need changing by fidgeting around and pulling off my nice new breathing apparatus.

Acts like these seem to get things going round here as the nurses come rushing around, the alarms go off and I get played with. I only do them when I am a little bored or want something like a new nappy, more milk or to be moved around.

Mummy and Daddy spoke to the nice Indian doctor who looks after me and he said I was doing really well on the CPAP machine, Daddy told me it was called this yesterday. I must say I think it is really good and I much prefer it to the ventilator as I can do things when I want to and not when a machine tell me. He says the next goal is to grow a bit and that I should be growing at around 20-30 grams per day, that seems quite a lot to me, I don't want to look fat in all my photos.

Otherwise I have been very quiet today and have slept a lot, especially when they put me under the bird cage cover. It is a blanket thing which fits over the top of my room and blocks out all the light, very restful.

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