Monday, 17th September 2001 - Day 32

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Welcome back everyone. Today has been quite an eye opener for everyone that knows me (or should I say mouth opener) last night when everyone had gone home and I had settled down the doctors sneaked up on me when I was asleep and all of a sudden there was a flurry of activity and my ventilator tube was pulled out and they replaced it with this new thing called CPUP or it might be CPAP, unfortunately I was not listening when they were talking about it and I cannot see it as the new unit is so small. This thing blows oxygen up my nose and helps inflate my lungs to make it easier for me to breathe, but all the actual ins and out are now all down to me.

Mummy, came to visit with Grandpa and Grandma and they got a real shock when they saw what a big girl I am turning into, with all this progress onto the new ventilator. I like the new ventilator as it does not push air in when I am trying to breathe out and I can suck in when I want to, much easier. The added bonus is that I can now stick out my long tongue at anybody who gets too close. I tried hard to cry out to Mummy to tell her I was a big girl now but all that came out was this little squeak, I will have to practice a little as my throat is still very sore from the ventilator tube.

Later on when Mummy and Daddy visited for Daddy to see what a big girl I am, I pulled out my feed tube just to see if everybody was still paying attention and then the nurses decided my little bonnet was too big to keep the oxygen mask on me so they quickly rushed in and changed it for an even smaller one. As this was going on Mummy and Daddy got to see my bare little head for the first time with my nice wavy black locks. I also tried to say hello to Daddy but I am very tired and nothing seemed to come out so I went back to sleep.

What an eventful day I am exhausted, please come back tomorrow and I will tell you more then.

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