Tuesday, 4th September 2001 - Day 19

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Mummy and Daddy came to visit around lunch time today and I had already had a busy morning. The doctors had to change my blood pressure line from my foot to my left arm as the needle had got blocked and they could not get the pressure monitor and blood test line going again. They need this to stop a needle being pricked into my poor little foot. I am very glad they put this line in as the heel pricks hurt and my feet look like pin cushions after about 2 days of doing this.

However all my CO2 , O2 and electrolyte levels keep changing so they have to do lots of tests and adjust all my drips al the time. I am not so puffy today however so Mummy is much happier so the doctors are slowly getting the balances back to the right level. Yesterday I had 7 different drips going into me and they are reducing them all the time, 2 for blood pressure, 2 for food, 1 to keep lines free, 1 for pain killers and another for Dextrose. No wonder they have problems, my weight seems to go up and down like a yo-yo. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come when I am older.

The doctors came around and decided that I did not need the 2 lines for blood pressure and so slowly weaned me off those during the day, and whilst Mummy and Daddy watched they adjust all my lines as one was blocked and I was not getting fed. Mummy noticed that I have started to suck on my ventilator and milk tubes which she seems to enjoy watching. The nurse has also given me a taste for Chocolate and Orange as one of the mouth gels they give me is flavoured like that, I must say I can't wait to try the real thing.

I have not made a lot of progress with my ventilation today, but the doctors say it is not getting worse, so that is encouraging to them.

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