Monday, 3rd September 2001 - Day 18

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I hope that my updates do not bore everybody out there at all, but at least we seem to have been making a bit of progress today with the ventilator pressures. Mummy came in today just after my lunch time nap, well at least it would be if I was not sleeping all the time anyway due to the drugs, with Grandma and Grandpa. I seem to be seeing quite a lot of Grandma, not sure quite why, maybe she likes me. No Daddy though, I was most upset as he keeps on going on at me to get my pressure down and I have managed it, only a little bit but anything is progress. The doctors seemed quite happy with my stats all morning and decided to try and drop the pressure from 15 somethings to 11 somethings (Daddy says it is kPa, no idea what they are and somethings sounds better), however I decided that this was a bit too much of a leap of faith and showed them quite quickly that I did not like it so they had to raise it back up to 13 somethings.

I am only little what do they expect miracles, those will have to wait until later when I am lots bigger and I have had plenty of cuddles from Mummy. The nurses all came round today and were also talking about how cute I was and how much they like me. You wait till I get bigger, I will be such a stunner and keep them all captivated by my presence.

Later on in the day as Daddy had not come to visit me I got fed up again and they had to raise it back to 14, but when Daddy arrived after my bed time I heard him and after a lot of effort the doctors were able to get it back down to 13 again. So today is better than yesterday when I averaged 15/14 whereas today it must be only 13/14, so I am listening Daddy please be patient !!!! I know they are both thinking lots about me because they say so and they are always comforting me by holding my hand. Lets hope that tomorrow the pressure goes down again and everybody is still happy with me.

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