Tuesday, 1st January 2002 - Day 138

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Hello again you eager people wanting your daily Abi update. I am sorry not to get you these New Year ones sooner but Mummy and Daddy were here in hospital with me until nearly 2002 and were not able to update the web site. Well as you can see I have now made it al the way from 16th August 2001 to celebrate the New Year by having a lovely long sleep. Mummy and Daddy came in to see me around lunch time having slept in until around 10am this morning. I was already up then of course and had eaten at least 5 feeds in 2002 before they arrived. I am now fed 47ml every 2 hours, not quite back up to my full fighting volume of 55ml but close none the less. Now this has continued for a couple of days it looks like I am over the worst of my virus. Thanks go to the nurses and doctors who looked after me and also to Mummy for providing those essential nutrients you can only really get in Mummy's milk. I have now had my second of 3 doses of xeroids to get my lungs to work better after the infection. The doctor tells me they are similar to those given to Asthma sufferers so lets hope they do the job.

The nurses have allowed Mummy and Daddy an evening off tonight from coming to see me. Poor me no more cuddles today, but I did get a lovely long 3 hour one this afternoon, through which I slept the whole time apart from the first few minutes whilst I got myself comfortable on Daddy's lap. It takes a while you know to get just in the right position... not too bony, not too hot.... etc.

All the nurses tell Mummy and Daddy how well I am doing and put it down to my size and considerable strength. I wonder how the other 2 babies with the RSV thingy are getting on, I have not seen them for days ????

I hope Mummy and Daddy come in nice and early tomorrow as I will be getting withdrawl symptoms with such a long time away from them.... as I do like my cuddles and feel much better when they are here....

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