20th May - 26th May 2002

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Here we are again, another week in the life of Abigail Hope. This week has been fairly slow for me really, the main highlight was the wonderful news of Friday about the trace that I had over Thursday night and that I am still putting on weight quite well. I am now following quite nicely the growth line for the 9th Percentile, Daddy says that means I am now just in the bottom 10% of babies for weight, instead of being in the bottom 2% or even worse off the graph. I had a trace done overnight Thursday and I spent 16 mins 50 sec below 95% and absolutely no time at all below 93%, which was so good they have decided to reduce my oxygen again down to a very small 50cc per minute..... Mummy and Daddy seem quite happy as it means that I might start to do without oxygen all together for small periods soon. It is also only 1/6 th of the amount I came out of hospital on and only about 5% of the amount I needed at New Year.

Mummy took me shopping with Grandma and Grandpa this week and they have all bought me a lot more new clothes especially for bed times as I am beginning to grow out of my 3 to 6 months pyjamas and vests. I also got to meet my next door neighbour properly for the first time in my house, she came round and gave me a cuddle. Hopefully as I get bigger I can play with her and her dog as well.

I also have a new relation which I can play with when I am older, called Molly Charlotte and weighed 7lbs 2oz. I cannot wait to meet her and play. She is my Daddy's cousin's new daughter. Congratulations from all the Newton Smith's in Bristol.

Sorry for the shortness of this weeks info, but I have l not really done that much to speak of, maybe I should extend the updates to fortnightly ?

sm2002_0521aa.jpg (144762 bytes) sm2002_0521ab.jpg (122463 bytes) sm2002_0521ac.jpg (121350 bytes)
So where has my musical fish gone ? My fed up with being photographed look Oh alright I will enjoy myself, just for you Mummy....
sm2002_0521ae.jpg (117660 bytes) sm2002_0522aa.jpg (131275 bytes) sm2002_0522ac.jpg (107488 bytes)
I need a cuddle Mummy !!! These colours hurt the eyes after a while... You can't spot me Mummy...
sm2002_0523aa.jpg (117354 bytes) sm2002_0523ac.jpg (104654 bytes) sm2002_0523ad.jpg (100358 bytes)
How do you do... Look a new fried.... Now, if I kick my legs I should move forward...
sm2002_0523ae.jpg (101741 bytes) sm2002_0523af.jpg (103525 bytes) sm2002_0525aa.jpg (96542 bytes)
Its not working..... That's better Mummy you come here 
then I do not have to move....
Look at my pretty little top....

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