Sunday, 30th September 2001 - Day 45

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Well here we are again, another Sunday in my short little life. Today I had lots of visitors again, my Nanny came to visit and my Auntie Cath. They have not seen me for a couple of weeks and they both thought I had made really good progress in that time.

They said I seemed so much happier and relaxed on the CPAP unit rather than the ventilator and that I had also grown quite a bit. I am glad somebody notices as Mummy and Daddy do not seem to notice the amount of effort I am putting in to growing for them. I must have got over that 2lb barrier now and be on my way to a whole 1kg.

Nanny brought me in a lovely new little dress which fits perfectly and is such a nice colour, pink to match my blankets. Hopefully you will get to see it later on this week. It is really nice and I do appreciate all the effort that must go into making the clothes for me, thank you ....

I got a lovely skin to skin cuddle with Daddy again today, it was really nice and he was much happier that I am now more used to being handled as I do not make my alarms go off all the time. I also managed to do an especially dirty nappy just for Mummy to change. I tried to time weeing again just right, but failed. Mummy was waiting for me and managed to get the nappy underneath me quicker than I was expecting. Oh, well better luck next time. This is one of the few fun games I can play in my little room, the only others are pull out my tubes and make the alarms ring. Both of which seem to be getting harder and harder at the moment.

Daddy has now added a few more pictures for today including soem cuddling pictures, so you can see how big I am in his arms.

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