Tuesday, 30th October 2001 - Day 75

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Hello again everybody, welcome back to the next installment of my saga, which I am considering turning into a long running mini series, I wonder if Hollywood would be interested. Back to today, I was here all morning resting and waiting for Mummy to come in this morning but she did not appear, I was beginning to think that she had forgotten all about me when she came in at around 3pm. She was greeted by my little Angelic face as you can see below and as I had been for around 3 hours in my little room. I forgave her though as she had been with my Uncle John, Auntie Liz and Cousin Matthew who is the closest to my age at 1 year old, so I will be able to play with him when I am bigger.

I was then allowed out for a nice long cuddle with her. I started as you can see me but was soon worn out completely and had to have my CPAP unit put back on, whilst I slept quietly in Mummy's arms. After a bit of a rest I awoke and we had a long chat about my room and how it has nice Winnie the Pooh curtains and wall pictures. It will match my babygrow that I am wearing so, I will be a lovely co-ordinated girl.

Whilst I waited for Mummy to arrive my nurse Heather sang me nursery rhymes and songs which I tried to join in with, but my singing voice has obviously been left in my other head and does not go with my Angel Head. I did enjoy it though and hopefully can do it again with her and Mummy as well. Later on in the day Helen had the joy of cleaning me up after an especially good job in my nappy, luckily there were no pictures this time as it was particularly pleasing for me and I just had to go back to sleep afterwards.

Daddy came in later and fed me, as he has been to work. He is sometimes so annoying because he work me up from my nice deep sleep to say hello and feed me. I ask you what can I do with him ???? He had a nice long chat with as well. Good job too really as he had just woken me up.

Sorry about the lack of pictures today, but the batteries ran out on the camera.

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