Sunday, 30th December 2001 - Day 136

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Welcome back again all you Abi fans. I have got a bit better again today and much to my personal relief, my feeds have been increased from yesterday's 10mls to a staggering 30mls at 9pm this evening. It is no wonder my poor dummy gets a hammering at the moment, I used to be drinking around 55 mls every 2 hours. I think I must be wearing my current one out at the moment.

I had a poor night last night, but the doctors have put down the poor gas test they did on me last night (they prick my heal and put a small amount of blood into a machine for analysis. I try and stop the blood coming out but they squeeze my foot so hard that it is not easy, I try and make sure they have a hard time taking it as I do not have much to go round really). Last night my CO2 levels were too high but they came down this morning back to normal levels so they are not quite sure which one to believe really.

This morning the doctors decided that to try and encourage me to feed again I could go back onto a Low Flow tube for a time. I thought wonderful, back to normal for a while as I tried to feed from Mummy and then had a nice comfortable sleep on Daddy's shoulder. I had forgotten how much quieter things are without CPAP. Much to my annoyance after a couple of hours they decided to put me back in my room and put my CPAP unit back on. I thought I had escaped but no..... I hate my CPAP unit and after a short rest began to tell everybody that I did not like it again. The food is working as I feel much better and stronger now that it has increased again. Much to everybody's surprise, including my own, I have managed to increase my weight to a staggering 3749 gms or 8lbs 4oz. What a great big lump I am, even on starvation diets. Those chocolates that were lying round at Christmas must have done the trick, I managed to sneak a few in when nobody was watching, very tasty.



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