Saturday, 29th September 2001 - Day 44

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Well today has been quite busy here in the unit. Despite the fact that I have been asleep for most of the day, I was taken out to be weighed and much to everybodies amazement I weighed in at 896gms, that's just 4 short of a whole 2lbs. What a big girl I must now be, I will be growing out of my little dresses soon, so I hope that people are preparing to let them out a little.

Mummy and Daddy came to see me for the second time today and were promptly told to go away again, much to my annoyance as they had only just arrived and I was trying to show them how big a girl I had become. Then the lights came on in the rest of the room and I was ignored for nearly 2 hours. The nurses said later that a new baby had just arrived who was born at 25 weeks and 2 days, even earlier than me. They weighed over 750gms which means that I am no longer the smallest baby on the ward..Hooray... I just better make sure I keep ahead as I don't want to be the smallest again. If they want to come and talk to me they can and I will try and help them get to know everybody.

Mummy and Daddy did come back later and I got a cuddle with Mummy, all wrapped up like a little present and lay in Mummy's arms for ages, asleep as usual. Mummy seems to like it this way round as she can see my face and look after me better than the flat on just skin to skin cuddles. I like both so don't mind which we do as long as we keep on doing them as they make me relax and feel loved. It is nice to hear the sounds of hear breathing and heart as they remind me of when I was inside her. It also means that they can both get closer to me and I can hear their voices better, which Is nice.

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