Monday, 29th October 2001 - Day 74

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Another day again I am afraid. Mummy and Daddy came in at lunch time and told me how well I was doing again to not need my CPAP all the time. The main reason I do not want it is that pipe across my forehead makes such a big mark now that I get a nice dent in it, what will the boys think, I will look like a Klingon from Star Trek (I do not know what that is, but Daddy told me that it remind him of them). I just hope it comes back out again as I get older.

Mummy stayed all afternoon and we talked and she looked after me. I found out that she had bought me some curtains for my room and would tell me all about it tomorrow when I woke up properly. I was not allowed out for a cuddle without my CPAP on as I had spent so much time in the morning off it that I would be worn out if I did not get the help it gives. So Mummy left me in my room and held my hand from outside instead. The rest of the day was spent asleep and growing which I am still doing despite all this effort to breath which I now have to put in, it was much easier on CPAP despite the fact that is was not very comfortable, why not what till I am bigger, but it seems to please Mummy and Daddy so that is a good thing and everybody is saying how well I am doing so hopefully everything is going according to their plan.

In the evening I was allowed out for a cuddle with Daddy, without my CPAP unit on and as soon as he got me out, I started getting a bit fed up with all the cold oxygen blowing in my face. It really makes my eyes and lips dry, but what do you expect with a gale force wind in your face all the time. I had not settled back down when Daddy started to feed me as well. That was the last straw and I made my feelings perfectly known to everybody that I wanted to go back into my room. Sorry Daddy but it was not you honest, I will try harder tomorrow, I just wanted the nice warm oxygen in my room, which does not blow over me like a hurricane in Florida. As soon as I was put back inside, everything went back to normal and I breathed quite happily for the next couple of hours.

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