Tuesday, 29th January 2002 - Day 166

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Hello again, Daddy has got the update details for today at last and managed to get them entered for me while I explore getting yet more food from Mummy.

  !!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 6 days ..... !!!!

I have had a pretty uneventful day again today I am afraid, I awoke again at 4:30 am for a quick feed and fell asleep before finishing. So after Mummy put me back to bed I was soon awake again for another course, which I promptly fell asleep again whilst eating. Mummy put me back a second time and this time I would not settle properly as I woke up when she was putting me down.

Poor Mummy seemed to get very fed up with me at this point as I just lay in my cot making all sorts of little Abigail type noises, snuffles, whimpers, stretches... etc. Mummy says I am like Bagpuss when I wake up. So for anybody out there who does not know or has not seen Bagpuss, he is a cloth cat that comes alive in a popular children's TV programme and makes all sorts of funny stretching noises. Anyway back to me, I made so much noise and kept Mummy awake that she got me out of the cot and pulled me into bed with her, it was heaven. Just being nice and warm ext to Mummy, feeling all safe and sound I fell asleep almost immediately. But by this time it was almost 6:30 am and I was awake again and ready to play at 8am. Poor Mummy I think she cannot keep up, it must be an age thing..... no stamina.

The dietician came to see us both today and told her the best foods I can eat to put weight on, butter in the pureed potato and carrot, avocado, full fat yoghurt etc. Just as I thought more to eat and make sure it ahs lots of calories. Grandma and Grandpa also came to visit but unfortunately they managed to time it wrong as by this time I was worn out and need to have a good sleep.

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