Saturday, 29th December 2001 - Day 135

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Welcome back to the further adventures in the "Trials and Tribulations of Abigail", unfortunately today has been a very quiet day when Mummy and Daddy have been in. I have worn myself out playing with the nurses and keeping them on their toes. I kept Meena. my nurse last night, occupied until 4:30am this morning, soothing me, holding my dummy in my mouth and my prongs up the nose. By 4am I thought she had had enough so went to sleep.

I thought Mummy and Daddy had forgotten me again, as they did not arrive nice and early as they have for the last 2 days. They went home last night and slept for a long time in their bed, I suppose I cannot blame them as they must have been tired looking after me for the last couple of days and worrying about me.

Generally I feel a bit better today and this evening my feeds were increased by a whole 5ml every 2 hours to 10 mls every 2 hours. I don't know what to do with it all, really. It is not as if it is Christmas or anything. But I was very glad of that bit extra, as there is only so much chewing on dummy an advanced girl like me can do. I was allowed out for a couple of cuddles today with Daddy and Mummy. Daddy's lasted around 3 hours and as you can see I was asleep for most of the time, just trying to catch up. The plasters on my face are not there because I scratched myself, but because I wriggled so much in the morning that I annoyed the nurses. We had a bet on who would win the competition, me to get the CPAP off and them to keep it on, as you can see they cheated and stuck the straps down with massive plasters so that I could not move them. Most unfair I thought, otherwise I was on my way to a clear win.....

For Mummy's cuddle I kept a little surprise for her and had a massively messy nappy, just for her. She chickened out and got some help from the nurse to clear it all up. I was very proud as it meant I got nice clean bottom and feel a whole lot emptier than before, despite my strict diet at the moment. Hopefully I will make further progress tomorrow and will keep you all updated as things happen. 

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