Wednesday, 29th August 2001 - Day 13

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Today, my thirteenth day of life, lets hope it is not unlucky for me. Welcome back to my Web site, I hope you are still enjoying it as much as I am producing it. Everyday I try and remember what has happened in the fun packed world that is incubator life. I got to have lots of visits from Mummy and Daddy today, but it was bit odd as they always came separately. It does not bother me as I get more visits and I always enjoy hearing their voices. The nurses say all my stats get better when they visit as I do try and please them as much as possible and I do enjoy hearing their voices. I know it is them as they sound different to the nurses, and they never mess me about with needles and other horrible things like all the rest seem to do. Mummy tells me that she is back in hospital again for a night or so for them to check her for an infection, so hopefully the multiple visits will continue.

After a quite night I had a fairly busy morning as the doctors decided that they would try and put a new line in again, that means I get my surf board back, but I do have to keep a very straight line. The doctors also scanned my heart and brain again today, they say that my brain is still fine with no clots or other things they seem to worry about. Much to my relief they also say that my heart valve seems to have closed, so no more drugs for that, hopefully I can start breathing a little better now.

The doctors are still concerned about my breathing and blood oxygen levels as they keep having to turn up the pressure to get the levels right. What do you expect after all that fluid on them, it takes a girl a while to get back into the swing of things with this breathing lark. Lets hope all this turning and my new sleeping position on my tummy (see picture below) will help. Even so the doctors changed the ventilator again, to try and see if they can get my lungs to inflate properly, this time it is on a lower pressure but beats at such a rate that I feel like I am sitting on a washing machine, it makes me feel quite sick.

I have been such a good girl with Mummy's milk too, I am now up to 0.5ml every 2 hours, double yesterdays, so that is also quite encouraging for Mummy and Daddy to hear and especially for Mummy who is having to produce all the milk.

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