Friday, 28th September 2001 - Day 43

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Welcome back again, I am sorry that not much seems to be going on at the moment in my little room, but a tiny thing like me can only make things happen so fast you know. Do you like my new dress, the nice nurse Geraldine found it in the ward's wardrobe in the middle of the night. It is nearly a perfect fit and I think I look really sweet in it. I was not weighed today so unfortunately I cannot help you with my current weight. I think I am getting bigger though as I do feel fatter.

The only thing that has happened to me today apart from a lot of sleeping is that my nappy rash has not improved and they have now changed their diagnosis to something called "Thrush", which I thought was a little bird. However it turns out it some infection or other and they are now giving me some new medicine to clear this up, I get it rubbed on my little bottom and then some in my mouth which tastes horrible. Why can't they make Chocolate / Orange flavour like that stuff I used to get ? Anyway as I said yesterday, it really itches and makes me all sore.

The doctor says that it is normal and a lot of babies get it if they are in incubators, as it is so warm and humid. Lets hope it goes away as I do not like it very much. The doctor also said that the main way for me to progress off of the CPAP unit is to get bigger, bigger lungs means more oxygen and more oxygen means better cuddles and fresh milk. I must try harder as I can't wait for fresh milk as this frozen stuff does not quite taste the same.

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