Sunday, 28th October 2001 - Day 73

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Welcome back to my 73rd day of life. Mummy and Daddy arrived around lunch time for me, well one of the 2 feeds that could be described as lunch for me. They told me about the party yesterday for Grandpa and how much he enjoyed it and that I was the last, currently, of 12 grand children they have. Lucky me, just think of all those cousins to play with. The nurses did me up in my Sunday best outfit of nice pink dress, made by Nanny and little booties on my feet. My dress still fits me and now you can even see a little bit of leg out of the bottom, very tasteful. Daddy keeps telling me I have thunder thighs, I assume he means big and chubby. But they are not really they are just a little a baby like at the moment, I am sure they will grow more later.

Luckily the nurses had done me up in my best clothes as Alex my uncle (Daddy's brother) came to visit and he was pleasantly surprised at my progress, as he last saw me when I was 4 days old, and a lot has happened since then. Then I had my Auntie Margaret and Uncle John visit, from York. they have not seen me before and were still surprised at how small I actually was. I think I saw my cousins James and Claudia at the window as well, or that is who Mummy told me they were. They are not allowed in because of bugs and infections so I am sorry but I will be able to have proper visits soon. They gave me a lovely "little" dress and jumper set, which is for 6 to 12 months old. I think I may have a small amount of growing to fit it but at the rate I am going it will not be too long.

Mummy had me out for a long cuddle again today and I spent the whole time, for an hour at least, breathing air with oxygen piped in the general direction of my nose only. I was awake for most of it and Mummy and Daddy kept saying what a pretty little thing I am. I am sure if they say it enough I will believe them eventually, but the cuddle was great and I went back into my room to breath the oxygen in there for a while longer after they left.

I have put on yet more weight and am now even heavier than my anomaly weight when I blew up like a Michelin girl a few days ago. So I now weigh 1590 gms or a whole 3lbs 8oz. This is my highest weight ever so Mummy and Daddy were very pleased with this. I am sorry but I have split up my pictures again today between 2 pages. So please do have a look at all of them as I like them all and could not deprive you of specific ones. I promise tomorrow no more extra picture pages for a while or until something else special happens.

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