Wednesday, 28th November 2001 - Day 104

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I have some more news for you all today so read on and find out. No it is not my birthday, but it could be..

I had a long cuddle with Mummy today it lasted a whole 3 hours and I did not feed properly at all I got such a shock yesterday when I choked I am still a bit nervous about sucking just in case it happens again, but the cuddle was wonderful. And the big news for the day is that I have been moved again back to the room I spent an evening looking round a week or 2 ago. Progress..... It is so much quieter over on the cot side of the unit and I managed to get another window seat so I can look at the trees outside, it is a shame they will not have leaves for much longer but I will have fun anyway. So from 4pm, nearly exactly 104 days after moving in I seem to have escaped from Intensive care and am heading very slowly towards the door and going home with Mummy and Daddy......Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts they are doing wonders, I will try and keep it all up this time and not go back again.

My next goal is to come out of my incubator and be in a cot and move to 3 hourly feeds. This seems like it might be quite a big step really so I am afraid you may have to wait a while until more progress is made but I promise I will try my best for everybody. My milk has bene reduced to 42 mls per feed now as the doctors think I am growing too fast now... I ask you, I think they must have been listening to Daddy say I was a "Porker" yesterday !!!! I just can't get it right.

The excitement of the day has worn me out and I am going to leave you now and go to sleep, dreaming of Daddy coming back to see me. Bye.....for now.

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