Monday, 28th January 2002 - Day 165

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Finally Daddy gets to this page to update you all on what has happened.... Mummy seems to have got a bit of an arty streak as the pictures today seem to have lots of shadows... Very strange as I thought everybody liked looking at me.....

  !!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 7 days ..... !!!!

Today was my last full examination before being discharged, goodness knows how many I have had so far in my life but it is a lot..... Everything seems fine but I could be gaining weight a little better. I was weighed this morning and I have shrunk some more. Ever since I started this demand feeding lark my weight gain has gone to pot. It used to be a nice 7 oz per week every week. Now I have spent the whole of the last week at the same weight..... So a dietician is being sent in to assess the best course of action.. Surely it is obvious eat more.....

Chrissie was very good to me today and spent a lot of time playing with me to see how far my development had progressed, she did all sorts of fun things, like singing playing, moving things in front of my eyes. It seems I am doing quite well. She also says that as well as looking like Daddy, poor me, I am also rather bright so it seems rather a mystery where this has come from. She has given Mummy a book called "My Little Book of Achievements" so she can observe my progression further in terms of stimulation, socialisation, self help, motor, cognitive and language skills over the next 5 years... 5 years, what do they think this is, I am not even 6 months yet and everybody expects me to do all sorts of stuff. Don't you worry I will take my own time and do things when I want not when I am supposed to.....

Mummy is looking a little tired today as I woke up at 4:30am and then would not go back to sleep properly. Daddy soon got fed up and decided to go off to work as he had to be up at 5:30 am anyway and was awake... Poor Daddy I hope he is OK with only a little bit of sleep as the last time I remember eating was around 12pm last night so he cannot have got a lot of sleep. Mummy however was left to look after me and did not get back to sleep either so it has been quite long day.

I was tested again today for RSV and I am still positive so that seems not to have gone just yet, but I feel OK so that is the main thing. Another first for me today, I had my first solids, well baby rice and milk anyway. It seems very odd having a spoon shoved into my mouth, it is even more funny than the strange taste of the rice itself. Completely tasteless....... Even Mummy's milk has a certain taste... Anyway that is it for today... see you tomorrow.

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