Friday, 28th December 2001 - Day 134

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Hello again to day 3 of "The Plague" as I am calling it. I feel quite a bit better today in myself, I slept well overnight and got to see Mummy and Daddy nice and early in the morning as they stayed in the hospital overnight again. The doctors came round this morning and were quite please with my progress but they also stressed that I needed to make more before they would be happy to let me back off the CPAP and into a cot.

Poor me, looks like I will be stuck in here for a while yet. I hate it.... The gale up my nose that I had on the Low Flow has turned into a hurricane and is also very noisy. My little room, is just that very small and cramped. I have included a picture of when I was first on CPAP so that you can see the difference between then (22/09/01) and now. As you can see I am a little bigger, the room is the same size, just to get it in proportion and that tube on my head is also the same size. It looks like my arm used to be about the same size as the tube, now it must be at least 5 times the size......

I was allowed out for a lovely long cuddle with Mummy this afternoon and early evening before Mummy and Daddy went home to get some rest, they told me that they had bought me some more clothes to wear, I hope I get to see them soon as this naked living is only so good for ones modesty. Daddy has managed to take some pictures with my nipples on show to the whole world. I will have to sue him later.... Otherwise today has been another day of wrestling with my CPAP unit, sleeping in Mummy's arms, sleeping in my little room and sucking my dummy.

Just in case you did not know, as I did not, this RSV thing I have is very dangerous and the doctors keep stressing to Mummy and Daddy how serious this could be. So hopefully I will recover fully and overcome what might sound like a cold but seems somewhat more serious. Just what I needed after all the things I have been through.....

Anyway all I can do is try my best, more tomorrow....

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