Tuesday, 28th August 2001 - Day 12

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Welcome back to my progress updates. After yesterdays very uneventful day, today had a couple of small landmarks for me. I was fed some of that lovely milky stuff that Mummy keeps bringing in. The nice nurses and doctor decided that as my Umbilical lines had been out for a few days and that everything else seemed fairly steady that I should be fed some of Muumies milk. This was fed through that Green stripy tube that can be seen in some pictures, directly into my tummy. I was fed a whole 0.5ml, of the stuff, hope the rest does not go to waste as Mummy is doing such a great job collecting it for me. It may seem like not much to you, but to me it is a massive amount as I have never swallowed anything before. I have been having the same amount of milk every 4 hours since I started and have so far had no reaction from my tummy. I do not know quite what to do with it yet so lets hope my tummy can think for itself at the moment.

The other thing that happened today was that I was taken out of my incubator and weighed properly, my weight is now a whole officially 600 grams, that is 64 grams more than 12 days ago when I was born.

Mummy and Daddy told me they were very pleased with my progress onto to milk and that I had been such a clever girl to put on so much weight, must be because I do not get out much for exercise. Oh well lets hope there is lots of time later. I also got to see Grandma and Grandpa again today, it is so nice having visitors otherwise all I get to look at are the 4 portals on my room where these enormous hands come down and move me around, even though I am quite comfortable where I am.

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