Saturday, 27th October 2001 - Day 72

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Well today has turned into a momentous day for me all round really and shows the progress that I am beginning to make. Mummy and Daddy did not arrive until the afternoon so they missed out on all the fun and excitement of the morning. I was rudely awoken from my slumber by the nurses moving stuff around in my little room. One of them said that the room was beginning to smell, due to the humidity not me you understand, so they decided to change my room around again. This must be the second or third time they have done it, so they whipped me out of the incubator and much to my surprise because they had already removed by babygrow and nappy I was placed in what the nurse called a bath, it looked like a large margarine tube to me, but I suppose that I do not need much more at the moment. Then they covered me in the water and soapy stuff. This was great fun and I really enjoyed it, as it takes away that smell and feel of sick and damp etc. Very refreshing indeed and I got dried in this really soft towel, not my colour but nice anyway. Then I was placed back in my new room with new laundry and a nice clean, warm babygrow just in time for feeding and to see Mummy and Daddy. All my toys seem to have disappeared when I was in the bath so I hope those other babies have not got them. Sorry no pictures, but you will have to complain to Mummy and Daddy for staying in bed.

Then in the afternoon I was allowed out for a cuddle, first with Mummy and then with Daddy as Mummy had to go off to do her impression of Daisy the incredible milking woman. I really liked my cuddles and slept for the whole time with hardly any oxygen or pressure, and really good stats on my monitors. The nurses were so impressed they suggested that Daddy could hold me without the mask on. So there are some pictures of me with Daddy with no mask on, Daddy had a mask with oxygen to hand just in case I turned blue or something, but I was so nice and snuggled up that I did not need it very much at all and a vague waft in my direction was all I needed. So in the last week I have gone from CPAP all the time to cycling on and off of CPAP into incubator oxygen and finally onto piped oxygen outside when required. Daddy and Mummy praised me for being such a clever little girl, which I of course loved. Lets hope we can do it again soon.

Mummy and Daddy had to go off to Grandpas birthday party, today. they told me he was seventy. Do you realise Grandpa that is nearly 365 times as old as me with my 71 days. Happy birthday Grandpa from a little Abigail, I hope you have a good one and maybe I can be at the next one in person.

I have split my page in 2 today as there were so many pictures. The ones of me without my mask on the second page, so I hope you do not mind waiting to download them. But they are worth it believe me.

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