Sunday, 27th January 2002 - Day 164

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Daddy's catching up slowly with these pages. He will get there in the end promise...

  !!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 8 days ..... !!!!

I slept well again over night with Mummy and Daddy. It is a good job he does not snore or I would be awake all the time wanting more food. I woke at around 4am this morning for a quick feed from Mummy and then went back to sleep until around 8am when Mummy got me out and gave a me little top up before I went back to sleep for about 30 minutes. I was then all crotchety and would not settle properly so Mummy got me out of my cot and took me into her bed where I stayed fast asleep all safe and sound until at least 11 am.  I hope you like the pictures, I especially like the one with Daddy as he makes me look so small and cute.... His nose looks as big as half my head.

The rest of the day was spent just like yesterday asleep between feeds and trying to grow. I know I will be weighed tomorrow so lets see if I have made a difference. I am sure I am not getting enough from Mummy as I always feel just a little hungry. 

I will leave you with my pictures for today as I think it just about says everything that has happened to me today.


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