Thursday, 27th December 2001 - Day 133

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Hello again everybody, I am still not very well today. My cough is still going on and I had a very restless morning tossing, fretting and pulling my mask off. The doctors came round and looked at me this morning and checked over my care. They say that today will be probably be the worst day, just when Mummy and Daddy thought I was beginning to look a little better than yesterday. The nurses have hoovered me out and there seems to be less messy stuff than yesterday so that is good. Still no sign of any more food yet though and I am really hungry. It appears that my spotty rash seems to be subsiding a bit so that is good, much to Mummy and Daddy's relief.

They have started to give me something to control my temperature, Paracetamol I think, however it is not given through my mouth or my drip which is giving me all my fluids. I was ever so shocked the first time I got given some, the nurse turned me over and pulled my nappy down and pushed this thing up my bottom. I have never had anything go up before, only down into my nappy. You should have seen my face. I felt much better though afterwards as my sweaty periods stopped being so bad.

I was allowed out for a nice long cuddle this afternoon with Mummy, a whole 3 hours, it was the best sleep I have had in the last 2 days. I feel a little better this afternoon so hopefully the drugs are beginning to have an effect, I will keep you updated with progress tomorrow.

In addition to all my problems, I have now been classed as a Bio Hazard, the Unit has had the infectious disease people around, everything that touches me needs to be washed twice or handled as clinical waste and burned. Poor me.... What ever next... I hope nobody else has this RSV thing as I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

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