Monday, 27th August 2001 - Day 11

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Hello again. I am now a whole 11 days old and counting until I get to 2 whole weeks old. Today I have been very quiet and relaxed, it must be due to the higher Morphine levels they put me on yesterday, or was it the day before, I have no idea of time yet. I am afraid I have very little to report today so you can just look at the pictures.

All that happened today was that Mummy and Daddy came to visit me twice, once quite late at night when I was asleep. They moved my light off my eyes for me so I could relax properly. Why the nurse did not notice my poor little eyes under the intense glare, I do not know. I thought I was being interrogated, but just feined sleep until they became disinterested.

The nice doctor Karen, came and had another look at me with her scan machine, more good pictures of my heart. I will see if I can get one next time and put it with my other pictures. She could not find the duct in my heart properly, so it may be closing. I am keeping my fingers crossed and trying as hard as possible to make it happen as this will encourage Mummy and Daddy a lot on my strength and ability to keep getting better. My drug course finishes tomorrow. lets hope she gets a better idea after that.

Sorry not many images today better luck tomorrow, but there is a nice one of me with my eye open looking at Mummy and I got to "wear" a big girls nappy for the first time rather than those small cotton wool balls and be on top of the nappy. The old arrangment did nothing to help cover up a glamour queen like me, so hopefully my modesty will be better covered and I might look a little less pink because of it.

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