Friday, 26th October 2001 - Day 71

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Well I am still doing quite well at this standard breathing lark and have quite a few stints off of the CPAP unit today. Unfortunately I have not been out for a cuddle as I am putting a lot of effort into this breathing and it is very tiring for such a little thing like me.

So you will have to put up with pictures of me without my mask in the incubator for now. I am determined to get out and have a cuddle soon as that will be fun. Mummy took a few pictures of me including Daddy's finger to get some sort of scale on the pictures. If you remember from Day 1, way back on the 17th August, Daddy's finger is 92mm or 3 5/8" long. I have included one of my first ever pictures for a proper comparison back to what I used to be like.

The main thing I have been doing, as usual, is sleeping and fidgeting a lot trying to pull off my CPAP on my own. Mummy told me off as I am not supposed to do it without Oxygen in the incubator, but I do not care as I have grown to hate the noise and pressure up my nose. I think I can do without it more than I am allowed, so all the nurses have also been telling me off and pulling the cords tighter round my poor little head. But we are making progress, slowly but surely, towards not needing it at all and do not want to stop the progress so I will try and be as good as possible and keep it on when I am told.

As Mummy was saying goodbye to me in the afternoon, she suddenly found an unexpected visit from Grandma and Grandpa so I got more attention and they both said how pretty I looked without my tubes. I was surprised that they could not tell that before, it was obvious to me all along what a cute little thing I must be. Why else would I get all this attention...!!!

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