Saturday, 26th January 2002 - Day 163

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At last Daddy has managed to do the these updates, I am really sorry I promise I have been nagging him for ages to fill in the blanks in my story. It seems such a shame to come so far and then fall at the final hurdle, but it cannot be helped he has at last managed to get them done.

!!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 9 days ..... !!!!

Today has been very uneventful really. Daddy stayed in the hospital with Mummy and I last night so that was fun as I got even more cuddles than I had done on the previous days. When Mummy had to do something somebody else was available for cuddling. Once I had awoken this morning after a nice long nights sleep. I was only awake once at around 5:30 am for a feed and then again at around 9 am.

After my feed at 9am Mummy and Daddy got up and took me back to my room on the ward where I promptly fell back to sleep again and did not really wake up again until early evening. Mummy seems to think this is great, but I know better really I am just trying to lull her into a false sense of security, I was really tired out from my exertions all week and needed a good sleep to try and catch up on my growing time.

I went back to stay with Mummy and Daddy later that evening and was fed at around 10pm for the last time today. Sorry about this but all I did was sleep.....

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