Wednesday, 26th December 2001 - Day 132

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Welcome back again, to 26th December 2001. A day I shall remember for a log while I can tell you. Unfortunately I obviously got myself so worked up yesterday with the excitement of the day that I forgot about my little cough. It has now turned into a very big cough and I have got a lot worse. Christmas I have now decided is officially over..... I felt so bad today that I could not breath properly and was totally bunged up.

The nurses spotted this fairly quickly and soon realised that my Low Flow was not working very well, they tried to turn it up and hoover out my nose, all to no avail I am afraid. At around 12 noon today I was transferred back into intensive care and onto to CPAP which I had forgotten how much I hate. However I soon remembered and struggled all the way through the rest of the afternoon until I was worn out. A little later the doctors got the results of the blood tests they had done, earlier in the day and I have now caught something called RSV (Respiratory Something Virus) sounds nasty and it is. I was moved into a room entirely on my own with no other babies and given a single nurse to just look after me. 

I feel terrible and just want to get better. I have not had any cuddles from Mummy or Daddy, but at least they have been here all the time except when they go off to have some food. I even got a visit from Mummy at 4am in the morning just to check on me. They told me they are only just down the corridor so that is good as I can get to see them all the time. I am on 2 lots of antibiotics and the worst thing is they have stopped all my food. Fancy being on 108ml of milk every 4 hours to go to nothing after 8:30 am this morning. They even sucked out all the stuff I got at lunch time as they do not want me to be sick and then pull it down onto my lungs. The lack of ability to breath means my CO2 levels are very high and I am not transferring in the right amount of oxygen that my body needs. The only thing in my favour is that my body pH is being maintained at the right level on my own. I have been given a drip to maintain my fluid levels. Later in the evening they allowed me to have a little milk, just 5ml every 2 hours. At least that takes the edge off my hunger. Unfortunately I am such a big girl now that I do not really fit in an incubator very well and am strong enough to wriggle around and push my CPAP unit off all the time. I am keeping the nurses on their toes....

In the evening Mummy spotted a red spotty rash on my arms, luckily the doctors think it could be something to do with the virus and not something even worse. Meni.. something or other Mummy said. Lucky me....

POOR ME......... I have not felt this bad since I was born..... and I look terrible, what will everybody think...... Please think about me as it looks like I need as much help as possible again to get over this.



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