Sunday, 26th August 2001 - Day 10

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Today I am 10 (days that is), double digits. Some people did not think I would get this far, but I must be doing something right to get here. Still no sign of the milk yet. I have been very busy today and so have the Nurses and Doctors in NICU. Up until now I have been monitored using the lines that go into my Umbilical Cord (Tummy button for all you lay people, Umbilicus for the more technically minded. It is surprising what a little girl like me gets to learn lying here all day). These however both decided to stop working today, I leaked onto my nappy from my belly button and this sent everybody into a bit of a panic. I just like to keep them on their toes and make sure they do not forget I am here. So they removed both of these lines, this however means that they have no way of feeding my little body, monitoring my blood pressure or taking blood samples for test. This was obviously no good at all so they then had to put the surf boards back on both, my arms this time, one with a blood line in and the other with a long tube going up my arm and into the area around my lungs.

When Mummy and Daddy came in to see me with Nan and Grandad they saw me trussed up like this and were most shocked, everything they had got used to had been removed and I looked like an extra out of a Frankenstein movie. The doctor also told them that the latest scans have revealed some scarring on my lungs, due to the high oxygen levels they have been using on me, due to the problem with my duct making my lungs wet. I hope this will fix itself overtime and the Doctor said it was to be expected, but this also gave Mummy and Daddy even more cause for concern and worry. However by the end of the day I had managed to get rid of one of my Surfboards and the needle in my arm. This was removed because the blood pressure line got blocked as my vessels are so small.

Today was probably the worst day for Mummy and Daddy that they have had so far and they spent a lot of time taking to me, I hope that I can get through this problem period and that they can relax a little, especially Mummy as she looks very tired when I open my little eye and catch a glimpse. Please keep you fingers crossed and your thoughts with me as it looks like I might need them over the next few days.

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