Thursday, 25th October 2001 - Day 70

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Hello again, I have some really BIG news which can be visualised on the special guest Abi Uncovered page by using the button above.

Today I was allowed to come off my CPAP unit (the thing you can see sticking up my nose) and breath a special atmosphere you can only get here within my little room. They pump oxygen in and I breath it directly with no assistance from the horrible tube thing stuck in my nose, unfortunately I am not allowed on it all the time as it takes a bit more effort than the CPAP thing and it can tire me out quite a bit. But I have been allowed to come off for 3 sessions today, each of around 2 hours so it is very good. I even have managed to have me feed and nappy changed with no direct oxygen on and hate it when they try and put it back. I will soon be skilful enough to pull it off on my own so they better watch out, or I will be causing no end of trouble.

Mummy and Daddy congratulated me on being a clever little girl and making such good progress, but they will have to wait for a cuddle a little longer as I am not quite down to atmospheric oxygen content yet, but you wait I will get there. They also got to see my head properly and clearly for the first time since I was born. One of the nurses said I looked a lot like Daddy. I hope it is not too much as he is not very girly and would not look too good in a skirt or dress especially in pink.

I have also put on a good quantity of weight and am now back up to 3lbs 5oz or 1500 gms and so fill my little babygrows that Mummy and Daddy bought me especially. I will soon be in those nice big pink ones they have bought you see...

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